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Professional Training

WorkSooner offers anyone, anywhere life-changing economic opportunities by providing flexible, online learning programs through the University of Oklahoma’s College of Professional and Continuing Studies. Partnering with Coursera, WorkSooner helps learners become job-ready by offering the training and support needed to master the in-demand skills today’s employers are looking for. Our short-duration, 100% online courses and specializations, along with our support services, help learners grow both personally and professionally, setting them on a path toward success.

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  • Master sought-after skills
    Impactful specializations highly relevant to today's job market
  • 100% online
    Flexible learning at your own pace
  • Take as many courses as you want
    Gain access to the entire WorkSooner catalogue
  • Earn a certificate that makes an impact in just a few months
    Boost your résumé with specializations that are affordable, high quality, and recognized by top employers
  • Learn multiple skillsets simultaneously
    Choose courses to meet your unique needs and career path
  • Receive personalized advising and support
    WorkSooner's team can help guide you on your learning journey

Perfect for starting or advancing your career

Training is available for all levels — whether entry-level training or up-skilling within a current position. 


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