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Benefits to Your Career

Our professional certificates through Coursera can help you gain the skills you need. 

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How Online Learning Works

Easy-to-use learning environments that empower you to learn the course material and engage with the content whenever is most convenient for you.

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The WorkSooner Difference

WorkSooner is more than online job-readiness classes. When you learn with WorkSooner, you receive the support necessary to reach your goals. Our holistic approach to learning will help you stay on track, as we offer help and encouragement along the way with our extended support services. Some of these services include advising and enrollment, retention coaching and linkages to employer networks and workforce development boards. Once you get started, we’ll be right there with you until you complete your program. This is the WorkSooner Difference!

Advising and Enrollment

WorkSooner will evaluate your unique skills, goals, and experience to help you choose the correct program of study. We use employer and workforce data to determine the skills you need to transition to a new career or move up in your current one. Let us help you figure out your unique skills and help you choose a career path best suited for you.

Retention Coaching

We know that personal support increases your chances of succeeding in your coursework. We provide you step-by-step instructions to help you navigate online learning with ease. We track the progress of all of our students, and work to help those that are falling behind to get back on track. 

Linkages to employer networks and workforce development boards

WorkSooner has relationships with workforce development boards and employers across the state. We use these relationships to provide you with the resources you need to succeed in your career search. We can help you connect with state resources to assist you.

Job Readiness Training

Work readiness skills, sometimes called soft skills, are a set of skills and behaviors that are necessary for any job. No matter what technical skills a job may require, every job requires good social skills/interpersonal skills, and employers are more likely to hire and promote employees who possess those skills.

Career Coaching 

WorkSooner offers a number of career coaching services, including resume/cover letter/LinkedIn review; job search, career transition, and interview tips; as well as advice for landing that much deserved raise or promotion


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