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The WorkSooner Difference!

Unlike other microlearning programs, WorkSooner allows you to take as many courses as you want, at the pace that you want, for one price. Most WorkSooner courses take three to eight months to complete, but may be completed at any time based on your pace and schedule.

Gain unlimited access to the entire WorkSooner class catalogue for:

  • One month unlimited access  $149
  • Three months unlimited access $399
  • Six months unlimited access $749
  • Twelve months (one year) unlimited access $1,499

If you need help developing a timeline for your learning, the WorkSooner team is here for you! Please contact us at

Interested in using WorkSooner for your group or business? Click here to find out more about group pricing and benefits. 

WorkSooner Benefits

  • Access to the entire WorkSooner catalogue.
  • Customized learning packages to suit your unique needs.
  • Learn at your own pace, according to your own schedule. 
  • Instant access to new curriculum. 
  • Learner support and coaching
  • Pathways to professional certifications.
  • Learn multiple skillsets simultaneously.

WorkSooner Refund Policy

An individual may send a written request to for a refund or extension if needed. Refunds will be granted on a case-by-case basis.